A Leader in Nation Building and Technology

Our driving force has always been our commitment to help build the nation through electrification. So no place is too remote for us—as long as there’s a community that needs power, people can be sure that we will be there. And we do so by bringing only the latest technology to our clients so that they can increase their efficiency and their bottom line.

In 1996—within months of our incorporation—we became the first company to introduce CCA-treated Radiata Pine wood poles to the country. It’s a product that gained wide acceptance in the industry and which helped bring us to where we are today.

We also brought in a lot of firsts to the local power distribution industry. Among these are our introductions of the first electric meter in 2003, the first pre-paid metering system in 2005, and the time-of-use program in 2007.

Getting accurate readings has been a perennial problem of the majority of local power distributors. Our electric meters have built a reputation for giving highly accurate readings and durability. It’s no wonder thus that some of our clients have made achieving single digit systems loss a reality.

Innovation is also key to our success. Our relationship with Hong Kong-based company Tyneham has made this possible. Since 2002, Tyneham has helped us employ new technologies and innovations on our products. Combined with our passion for providing fantastic customer service and professional services—by being there when our customers need us and by gaining a thorough understanding of their business—and with our strict quality control process, we are able to create solutions that help increase our clients’ efficiency and profitability.

Triumph Through Leadership and Reliability

When you drive around the Philippines, chances are that the electricity that powers the city or town outside your window runs on Trion’s products. That’s because 65% of the country’s power distributors choose us to supply their energy and utility needs. If it’s tough, reliable, and made of high quality materials, then it’s likely that we built it.

We are thus proud of our role as leader in the industry and as a reliable partner of our clients.

Trion Group of Companies

Electric Meter Industry Leader. Reliable Partner

A Reliable Partner to Our Clients

Our clients understand that when they choose Trion, they receive more than just high quality electric meters and components. They also receive unparalleled support in every step of the way. From replacing meters, to providing various forms of technical support, to logistics, clients can depend on us all the time. In other words, we take every step necessary to honor our commitments to our partners, and waste no time in doing so

Where and Who we are

Based in the Philippines, our team is composed of experts and professionals in their respective fields. So when our clients work with us, they work with highly skilled and knowledgeable people ready to help them—whether it is handling client inquiries or the technical aspects of our products.

Our Mission

Provide and create market dominating products for the electricity industry in the Philippines that increases our customers’ reliability, efficiency and viability by combining high quality innovation, aggressive strategic marketing and excellent services that are cost effective, profitable and sustainable for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

At Trion, our vision is to be the leading provider of sustainable solutions to the electricity industry in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, people and communities. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by keeping our corporate values in our hearts and minds.

Core Values


God fearing, meeting ethical, legal, quality and professional work standards.


Being a team player – reliable & results driven


Being dynamic, having solid set of beliefs and a passion to win in the marketplace.

Responsible Stewardship & Entrepreneurship

Being prudent in the use of God given resources, thinking and caring like business owners in growing and managing the business and being accountable for actions as responsible citizen.


Creating value through novel use of ordinary resources to make extraordinary solutions.

Customer Orientation

Consistently meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations.